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Karl Kliem

Karl Kliem:

Karl Kliem aka Dienststelle is well known for his music installations, where sound and light are connected to create very minimalist environments. I really liked his monochromatic works where he used neons and leds to visualize the sound. He has collaboreted with many different artists such as Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto as well as Jan Jelinek, Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars, Thomas Brinkmann, Thomas Köner and Sleeparchive. See more;

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Ax Mr. L

Visualisation for the Insen Tour of Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto in 2005 and 2006. This one i did within an hour when i had access to the complete LED screen for the first time. The tour had already started. When you would display just one colour on the whole screen you could see the edges of each LED module. So i just used these edges for the display of the lines. Each stroke of a key on Sakamotos Yamaha Disklavier would send out a MIDI signal that would call a random preset of predefined patterns on the screen.

Burial - Prayer

Burial - Prayer from Karl Kliem on Vimeo.

Realtime visualization of Prayer by Burial with one of my Rasterdecks - a grid ceiling element with four fluorescent tubes.

Minus 60°

Surround sound installation with synchronized florescent tubes. Six speakers on tripods. One fluorescent tube attached to each tripod. The video shows a short excerpt of the first setup at Hafen2 in Offenbach near Frankfurt as part of the Luminale 2010 and part of the exhibition series "Words & Sounds" curated by Hortense Pisano.

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Trioon I

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Trioon I from Karl Kliem on Vimeo.

The main elements of the music, piano and sine waves, are represented by two elements. Abstract keys fade away like the piano sounds fade out of your mind. Horizontal stripes display the sine waves frequencies with their vertical position.

XYZT, Les paysages abstraits

XYZT, Les paysages abstraits:

X (horizontal), Y (vertical), Z (depth), T (time). Four letters to describe the motion of a point in the space, and think about an imaginary environment. Mathematical paradoxes, mesmerizing typographies and moving landscapes, all this at this exhibition called "XYZT, Les paysages abstraits" (XYZT The abstract landscapes). Surveying of the digital space, finger algorithms, fields of light... a lot of imaginary territories to explore. A coincidence between geometric and organic, between real and virtual. This is an awesome installation and interactive project created by Adrien M / Claire B and Martin Gautron. See more;


Adrien Mondot, Claire Bardainne / concept

Martin Gautron / design and construction

Charles Boinot / scenography

Loïs Drouglazet / software, code

Christophe Sartori /sound concept

Réveillard / production administration

Antoine Costes / models assistant; ay-rOop, Géraldine Werner assistée de Hélène

Photogrphy by Laurence Fragnol et Adrien M / Claire B. Making of photos here.

Sebastien Verdon

Sebastien Verdon:

Sebastien Verdon

Work from Out of Space @ Polyforum Siqueiros.

“The artist draws on current expectations, general paralysis, creativity and inspiration from which a great instinct for transforming the contemporary melancholy humor singular, that is neither cynical nor just absurd. A job that tends to capture the indeterminate, an aesthetic that seeks ambiguity in games of tension between the mental and physical, between reality and artifice, and hermetic readability, lucidity and innocence. His affinity with lavish photography coherence to its research around the concepts of objectivity and whether or not to capture reality. His work, particularly its celestial and stellar photographs, are an indication of a sincere dialogue and perceptive to the intangible.” – Sebastien Verdon translated via google

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson:

Richard Wilson's sculptures alter the space or objects, as we know it and so encourage us to rethink our attitude and our perspective on things. In his work mostly large surfaces, objects, walls, whole house or houses are involved.His large-scale works give the genre of 'sculpture' new dimensions. He turns,turns, cuts, fills, empties, or discolored, his objects. Since his work of art '20: 50 '(1987) - which consists of a waist-up with motor oil filled chamber and is on permanent display in London - Wilson is one of the leading British artists of his generation. Since 1976, the 58 year old artist had 50 exhibitions around the world and was awarded an honorary doctorate from the 'University of East London'.

All images © Richard Wilson

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov:

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov photography nature jellyfish

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov photography nature jellyfish

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov photography nature jellyfish

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov photography nature jellyfish

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov photography nature jellyfish

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov photography nature jellyfish

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov photography nature jellyfish

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov photography nature jellyfish

Russian biologist Alexander Semenov graduated in 2007 from Moscow State University’s zoology department where he studied invertebrate animals. Specifically: squid brains. Now he works as the chief of his diving team at the White Sea Biological Station, camera always in-hand, where he’s captured some of these extraordinary photographs of jellyfish and other wildlife. You can see more images in his photo galleries or you can follow him on Flickr. (via lost at e minor)

New Haven in New York

New Haven in New York:

Our friend Joe Sheftel, formerly an art adviser, just opened a gallery in the Lower East Side, and his inaugural show features three Yale MFA graduates: Alex Da Corte, Adam Henry, and Rory Mulligan. The exhibition, Specifically Yours, brings together painting, sculpture, and photography contemplating materiality and the role of the sculptural object on perception. Enthralled as we were, we began to wonder how many Yale MFAs were exhibiting in New York now and in the near future. Our list of shows follows.

Squeeze Machine

Field Projects Gallery, 526 W 26th Street, #807

January 26 – February 5, 2012

The show features work by Leah Bailis, Pete Deevakul, Lucy Kim, Heidi Lau, Willie Wayne Smith, Emily Stoddart, Bill Thomas, and Oliver Warden. Lucy Kim received her MFA in painting from Yale in 2007.

Specifically Yours: Alex Da Corte, Adam Henry, and Rory Mulligan

Joe Sheftel, 24 A Orchard Street

Through February 19, 2012

Da Corte and Mulligan received MFAs from Yale recently, in 2010. Henry received his in 2000.

Broken Homes

Momenta Art, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn

Through January 22, 2012

The show, exploring physical and metaphorical ruptures in domestic spaces, features Francis Cape, Kate Gilmore, Lisa Kirk, Marni Kotak, Anthony Marchetti, Gordon Matta-Clark, Kirsten Nelson, Leah Oates, Naomi Safran-Hon and Peter Scott. Safran-Hon received her MFA from Yale in 2010.

Christian Curiel, Endure, 2010. Courtesy Daniel Cooney Fine Art.


Daniel Cooney Fine Art, 511 West 25th street

Through February 25, 2012

The exhibition features five artists working with the theme of childhood anxiety: Christopher Bucklow, Christian Curiel, Zachari Logan, Rachelle Mozman and Tim Roda. Curiel graduated from the Yale MFA program in 2005.

Unspecified Urban Site

RH Gallery, 137 Duane Street

January 17 – March 2, 2012

The exhibition will feature recent works reflecting on urban space by a diverse group of contemporary artists including Mike Bayne, John Chamberlain, Andy Coolquitt, Zhang Dali, Richard Deacon, Paul Edmunds, Wolfgang Ellenrider, Tamar Ettun, and Myeongsoo Kim. Kim received her MFA from Yale last year.

Kehinde Wiley, Alios Itzhak, 2011. Courtesy the Jewish Museum.

Kehinde Wiley: The World Stage Israel

The Jewish Museum, 1109 Fifth Ave.

March 9 – July 29, 2012

The exhibition showcases Wiley’s brightly colored portraits of Israeli youths, each within in a unique backdrop influenced by Jewish ritual objects. The artist graduated from Yale’s MFA program in 2001.

Years [vvvv, Arduino]

Years [vvvv, Arduino]:

Created by Bartholomäus Traubeck, Years is a record player that translates wood’s year rings into sound. Using a ps eye camera, the grain on the slices of wood is read and converted into music. Includes modified turntable, computer, camera, acrylic glass, veneer, approx. 90x50x50 cm.
Continue reading.... Years [vvvv, Arduino]

This Week in NYC


This Week in NYC:

The Guggenheim celebrates the career of Maurizio Cattelan, the closing of his retrospective All, and the official start of his retirement (whatever that’s going to mean) with a seven-hour finale this Saturday, January 21st, bringing together thirty prominent individuals from the fields of visual art, philosophy, literature, film, music, economics, law, activism, religion, dance, theater, sports, and fashion. FordPROJECT hosts a group show at their 57th Street penthouse with artists including Annika Connor, Kristen Schiele, and Veronica Smirnoff. At Lambert Fine Arts, Shalom Neuman builds multimedia portraits from found objects, sound recordings, motion sensors, and toys, while Terrenceo mixes found objects with bits of digital culture.

White Box has a January 17 performance by Roberta Lima and a group show featuring twelve Irish artists, opening Friday. Other highlights include Marianne Vitale’s WHAT I NEED TO DO IS LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP ABOUT A LOT OF SHIT at Zach Feuer Gallery, the group show In Living Color at FLAG Art Foundation with works from Cy Twombly, Dan Colen, and Gerhard Richter, among others, and Sergej Jensen at Anton Kern Gallery. To browse all our listings, check here.

Tuesday, January 17


Opulent Vision

fordPROJECT, 57 West 57th Street, Penthouse


Daniel Escobar: Fictitious Topographies

RH Gallery, 137 Duane Street

After School Special

New York Academy of Art, 111 Franklin St

Glass Ceiling

Kate Werble Gallery, 83 VANDAM STREET

Tony Cox, Meditative Rave, 2011. Courtesy of Kate Werble Gallery.


Allard van Hoorn: 007_Urban_Songline

Storefront for Art and Architecture, 97 Kenmare Street

Roberta Lima: Displacement

White Box, 329 Broome St.

Wednesday, January 18


Simone Leigh: You Don’t Know Where Her Mouth Has Been

The Kitchen, 512 W 19th st.

Lower East Side

Brian Bress: Status Report

The New Museum, 235 Bowery St.

Pär Strömberg in RETROspect

Charles Bank Gallery, 196 Bowery

Thursday, January 19



Zach Feuer Gallery, 548 West 22nd Street

Marianne Vitale, Caution, , 2011. Courtesy of Zach Feuer Gallery.

Blind Cut

Marlborough Chelsea, 545 West 25th Street

Jean Dubuffet: The Last Two Years

The Pace Gallery, 534 West 25th St.

Natasza Niedziolka : White Shadow

Horton Gallery, 504 W. 22nd Street

Drag_on N.Y.

ArtGate Gallery, 520 West 27th Street, #101

John Miller: Suburban Past Time

Metro Pictures, 519 West 24th Street

Thomas Heatherwick’s: Extruding and Spinning

Haunch of Venison, 550 West 21st Street

Thomas Heatherwick, Billet 1 Extrusion 6, 2009. Courtesy of Haunch of Venison.

Norman Mooney: Work on Paper

Sasha Wolf Gallery, 548 West 28th Street

Tadaaki Kuwayama

Gary Snyder Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 10th Floor

Richard Kalina

Lennon Weinberg, 514 West 25th Street

Lower East Side

Heather Morgan: Lascivious

Dacia Gallery, 53 Stanton Street

Friday, January 20

Lower East Side

Shalom Neuman and Terrenceo: Racks On Racks and Urban ARTifacts

Lambert Fine Arts, 57 Stanton St

Shalom Neuman, Amerika Michael. Courtesy of Lambert Fine Arts.

All Humans Do

White Box, 329 Broome St.


Sergej Jensen

Anton Kern Gallery, 532 West 20th Street

Michael Bauer, Joel Croxson, Stephen LICHTY, Sarah E. Wood

Foxy Production, 623 W 27 St., Ground Floor

Weegee: Murder is My Business

International Center of Photography, 1114 Avenue of the Americas


Newspaper Fiction: The New York Journalism of Djuna Barnes, 1913–1919

Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Pkwy

Saturday, January 21


The Last Word – Finale for Maurizio Cattelan: All

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Ave.


In Living Color

The FLAG Art Foundation, 545 West 25th St., 9th Fl

Cy Twombly, Leaving Paphos Ringed with Waves (IV), 2009, Acrylic on canvas, 105 5/16 × 83 5/8 inches, © 2012 Cy Twombly Foundation. Collection of Larry Gagosian

Lower East Side

AIRspace Open Studios

Abrons Arts Center, 466 Grand Street

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André Hemstedt & Tine Reimer

André Hemstedt & Tine Reimer:

André Hemstedt & Tine Reimer

Work from Konstruktion von Bewegung (Construction of Movement)

“On the actions and perceptions of people in an equilibrium system

Denotes the equilibrium state, the balance in the forces acting on a system with each other. This state remains stable as long as he is not disturbed by external influences. The concept of balance can be applied to different systems – for example, physical, political, political, economic, social and environmental. Man can because of his understanding of system relationships in the direct- acting weight. Its scope is not unlimited: Has a system located in an unstable equilibrium state too far from its rest position, it is only possible with considerable effort to restore this state. Based on the present and anticipate, Piert climatic events, the work deals with the action and the perception of people in an unstable equilibrium system.” – André Hemstedt Tine & Reimer, Thesis (translated via Google)